A Strain for Every Occasion

It’s time to celebrate and leave your worries behind. Legal for both recreational and medical use in more than half the country, marijuana is now available for consumption in a variety of strains.  With quality brands upping their game, cannabis has never been better. From strains that have your body buzzing and your mind calm to those that give you an extra burst of energy, you can find a strain for every occasion. Carefully crafted and selectively bred to perfection, you can now get the top pick of this relaxing herb with a flavor for every mood.

Finding a strain for each occasion

  1.     Jungle Cheese: A combination of Juju OG and GG#4, Jungle Cheese is a sour smelling, earthy strain. Great for use during the day, this strain gives you a delightful body buzz while keeping your mind alert.
  2.     White Russian: A hybrid of AK-47 and White Widow, this strain of marijuana has a smooth flavor with a touch of spice. The fragrant aroma and cerebral high will help you loosen up and get quite talkative. This strain is great for dinner parties.
  3.     Blue Diesel: Derived from Blueberry which is an indica-dominant strain, and NYC Diesel, which is a sativa dominant, this hybrid gives you a long-lasting yet moderate high. Perfect for your days off when you just want to stay home and relax.
  4.     Blue Goo: The two strains Blue Dream and Afgoo come together to form Blue Goo. Perfect for a relaxing time with friends during the day or in the evening, Blue Goo is a great mood lifter.
  5.     Juju OG: The love child of OG Kush and Jamaican Heirloom, this strain gives your body as much of a buzz as it does your mind. The effects come on quickly and last long. With the double dose of energy, you can have a great party with family and friends.
  6.     Lions Domain: Lions Domain is a hybrid of Magenta Hash Plant and Jamaican Heirloom. The strain gives you a clear, relaxed mind with just the right dose of energy to keep you going throughout the day.
  7.     Heavenly Heights: A cross between Chem 4 and a Jamaican Heirloom, Heavenly heights is an appetite booster. The hybrid is perfect for brunches and potlucks where food is aplenty and is also great for a relaxing sleep and pain management.
  8.     Chocolope: And of course, there has to always be that one strain that is perfect no matter the time, the place or the occasion. Chocolope, developed from Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, has a heady mix of flavors to get you in the mood for anything. The cerebral high you experience is perfect for chilling at home or partying with friends and everything in between.

At Juju Royal, we have the best quality cannabis for every occasion. Our wide range of vape pens and accessories will ensure that you will always find a way to enjoy your high.